What is mobile dog grooming?

A convenient way to groom your dog saving your time at a competitive pricing. We bring the dog grooming salon to you, experience a one to one dog grooming service. Our fully enclosed air conditioned state of the art Savel trailer is equipped with all the latest equipment.

What do I need to know prior making a booking?

There are few things you should be aware prior booking our services as we do charge a $40 call out fee if we are unable to service.

Our mobile grooming service trailer is attached to a vehicle that requires around three to four car spots to park on a level surface. If you live on a hilly road or has parking restrictions we won’t be able to service you. We also require access to your water and power. We carry all the necessary gear, you don’t need to worry. If you are in any doubt, please let us know. We are more than happy to explore options available on individual circumstances.

We only service medium dogs under 18kg.

The Contact us page shows the area we service.

My dog has never been groomed professionally. Would you be able to groom?

If your dog is friendly to stangers and well trained, Happy to take time introducing into grooming. If your dog is aggressive towards strangers, we won’t be able to service. 

Do you service anxious dogs?

Of course we do. Apart from convenience, one of the main reasons people use mobile dog grooming services is to have one to one interaction away from other dogs with the security and familiarity of your own home. It is a game changer for dogs who are anxious or fearful of other dogs.

Do you provide dog grooming services if no one at home?

Yes we do. Majority of our customers are never home. Once we build a rapport with your best friend, we can discuss options available. We have all the necessary insurances and are happy to provide police clearance. 

Do you provide dog walking or dog minding services?

Unfortunately, no.